Working Together for a Cleaner Reedy

Some say it takes a village, and our community is working together to partner for a cleaner Reedy.

  • The Executive Committee of the Reedy River Water Quality Group includes the City of Greenville, Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), and Greenville County.  These three entities each hold SC Department of Health and Environmental Control permits that require water quality measures related to the effects of runoff (City and County) and discharges (ReWa) to the Reedy River.  While they are under regulation, they also understand the value of the Reedy and have joined in this partnership and welcome the input of other stakeholders to ensure the health of the Reedy for years to come.
  • Friends of the Reedy River has developed a citizen science river monitoring team that will provide screening data for the City of Greenville, as well as alerts of potential illegal spills and sewer connections into the river.
  • Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District educates throughout the Reedy River watershed on point source and nonpoint source pollutants and teaches citizens how to keep their rivers clean.
  • Upstate Forever partners with utility providers, municipalities, and landowners to preserve critical watershed lands, advocate for smart and responsible growth, and promote best land use practices to protect water resources throughout the Upstate and Reedy River watershed.