More and more people are looking to recreate in the Reedy River. The good news is that recreation in the Reedy River is only a problem 24-48 hours after a rain event. A good rule of thumb - if the river is brown with sediment, keep out!

The Good News

Lake Conestee Nature Park currently offers approximately six miles of natural surface trails, six miles of paved trails and approximately 4,000 linear feet of boardwalks and bog-walks with learning loops teaching about wildlife and wetlands.

The Reedy is deemed safe for fishing, except in the Lake Conestee Nature Preserve.

E. coli levels in the Reedy tend to be above acceptable levels only after a rain event.

Upstate Forever recently published a Blueways map with boat inputs along the Reedy.

Park space is increasing in the Reedy watershed. Recent additions include Unity Park and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Additionally, the City of Greenville’s recently adopted comprehensive plan, GVL 2040, has established a goal to proactively preserve as much as 35% of the City’s remaining vacant land as open space or parkland in order to bolster quality of life and protect environmental assets.

The Bad News

You still can't swim, fish or boat in Lake Conestee and will not be able to in the future. LCNP is deemed a Brownfield Site.


E. coli levels rise and make the river unsafe for contact immediately after a rain. E. coli is discharged to the river from wild animals and pets, overland flow, malfunctioning septic tanks, leaky private sewer service laterals, and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

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